Well, 2018 is chugging along nicely. I am pleased to say that Jana Heidersdorf has agreed to illustrate the cover of On Both Banks. I fell in love with her work as soon as I saw it, and am so happy she agreed to take on this project. You can see her work at The draft artwork look amazing, and I look forward to being able to share it with you soon!

With Life, The Universe, and Everything sliding along at its current rate, we should be on target for a March release! I can’t tell you how excited I am. Just imagine Kermit the Frog flailing his arms, screaming “Yeeeeaaaaahhhh!!!” and you’d arrive at a reasonable approximation.

Also, this little placeholder of a site will be spruced up soon by the talented Stacy Six. She is a skilled web designer and talented artist, and you can see some of her work at

Then there is Facebook. I have lived this long without it, but many folks have offered the same blunt advice: If you are going to self-publish, you need a Facebook account.

So I made one, and they temporarily disabled my account and asked for a headshot. I sent them a picture of my beautiful mug and they fully disabled my account.

Well, ain’t that a slap in the face. I’m not Facebook’s type, it seems.

My wife was more irate about it than I was as she has spent the better part of five years trying to convince me to make a Facebook account. And when I tried? Ha!

“Pthththtb!” as Bill the Cat might say.

Well, I hope your January is going smoothly, and I’ll keep you posted.

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